What’s So Good about Teak Root Home Decor?

What’s So Good about Teak Root Home Decor?Teak root home decor is perhaps the one thing that you are rather unfamiliar with. You know that teakwood makes for great furniture but you might find it rare to find any of it made of the root. However, that is the truth: Teak is just the kind of tree that humans can use in its entirety: its stems and stalks, its branches, its root, even its leaves are used as a sort of food coloring agent in some Southeast Asian cuisines. The root of the teak tree, in terms of furniture industry, offers certain elements that the trunk cannot. The whole trunk of a teak tree is great for furniture thanks to its rigidity and natural ability to fend off infestation. However, the trunk is fairly straight in shape, which makes it homogenous in final form. You get a set of furniture with straight lines by using the teak tree trunk. This is all fun and game but the straightness of teak furniture leaves little to no space for whimsy and whimsy is what a house requires to counter the saturated feel courtesy of rigid furniture. This rigidity and straight geometry are what is absent in teak root

Teak root home decor possesses some sort of amorphousness that when placed in a room gives a touch of exoticism. As it is rather smaller than the trunk, teak root is also much easier to process without stripping it off its original shape and form. Teak trunk is cylindrical in shape and it has to undergo cutting procedures before becoming viable for various purposes. Teak root, given its compactness, can be processed without so much alteration. Teak root can be processed as soon as it is dug out of the soil. It is then cleaned, sanded, and finished accordingly. It might be lacquered first to give the surface a sheen that in addition to looking attractive protects it against moist and whatnot. The lacquer should be clear in order to preserve the root’s natural color as much as possible. When done, this processed teak root can be used as a pedestal for an end table. You just need to round it out by placing thick glass tabletops. Or, depending on the overall diameter, this can be made into a stool. Imagine sitting on a stool made of natural tree root with its irregular shape—a rustic home can’t be any more rustic with placement of this furniture.

Teak root home decor can also appear in forms other than functional furniture. For example, a chunk of teak root can be hollowed in the middle a little. This niche would then be applied with a sheet of aluminum. When done, this makes a great bowl. You can use it to contain tiny stuffs you carry (keys, wallets, changes, etc.) or you can leave it empty, which would result in it working as an accent in a room. Some pieces of teak roots can also be joined together forming a frame of a mirror.